Protected Systems

The Protected Systems are the solar systems that are directly under the control of The Guild. Each planet in the protected systems is governed by the laws of the guild. A system of laws mired in bureaucracy.

Each citizen is heavily controlled, personal freedoms are restricted and each citizen is monitered by there Omichip a small micro processor that is imprinted at the base of the wrist. This chip is also used like a credit card / ID card.

The only members of the protected systems that get a vote are the employees of Omicorp. The higher your grade within Omicorp the more votes you have. Each board member has the right to veto any initiative put forward by the general population of employees.

In the case of a difference in opinion by members of the board a board meeting can be called and members of the board will vote on the initiative. The CEO can at any time veto the vote.

The Protected systems are:

Protected Systems

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